• TCD Student Parking Permit Process

    Please read carefully. We have limited parking spaces, first come, first served! Speak with your TCD High School Contact person for more guidance regarding TCD Driving Privileges at your home school.

    Any questions can be directed to the Principal, Dr. Hlavacs at jasonh@tcdupage.org … Thanks!

    If a student would like to apply for a TCD Parking Permit, they will:

    1. Check with their TCD Home School Contact Person (Dean, Guidance Counselor, etc.) regarding Driving Privileges
    2. Agree to the Parking Rules (see below)
    3. Print out the TCD Permit Parking Application (see link)
    4. Have the student complete the form, including the student, parent and the Home School Dean or Contact Person signature.
    5. Bring to the Front Office at TCD for processing
    6. TCD Student Parking Fee is $15.00 (cash, check or credit card)
    7. The student may NOT begin driving to and from TCD until this process is complete.
    8. Driving privileges can be revoked if any of the rules below aren’t followed.

    TCD Student Parking Rules:

    1. Students are NOT authorized to drive to TCD without permission from their home school Dean, Parent, and TCD. Once approval has been given, you will display the permit on the front dashboard.
    2. Students may NOT be transported to TCD by another student without home school Dean, Parent, and TCD approval.
    3. Students who are not authorized to drive to TCD may NOT be transported in a student operated vehicle.
    4. The motor vehicle is to be driven only by the student to whom the permit is issued. You are NOT permitted to transport another student(s) to TCD.
    5. Safe driving procedures are to be practiced at all times while on TCD property. Follow the TCD speed limit of 10 MPH.
    6. Motor vehicles are to be used ONLY during school hours and with a parking permit.
    7. Those vehicles that do not have the appropriate permit correctly displayed and or are parked illegally may be towed away at the owner's expense.
    8. TCD does NOT assume responsibility for theft, vandalism, or any damage to any vehicle or its contents.
    9. All Students who Drive to TCD MUST sign-in and sign-out everyday they drive to TCD