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    Do you remember the time when you were sitting in your English class thinking, "When will I ever need to use this stuff?"  Well, it is not a surprise that Language Arts skills are critical for college and career readiness.  The time has come where the workplace is placing EXTRA emphasis on your academic strengths!  In today's times, your industry-related skills go hand in hand with your academic skills.  Your professionalism reflects this blend of knowledge.   

    Effective communication skills are critical in every industry!  Employers are finding that today, more than ever, these skills are a must!  Whether you are writing an email to your supervisor, meeting with a client, or reading technical instructions, effective communication skills play a critical role for successful outcomes and successful relationships. 

    Take advantage of the valuable resources that I have provided for you, in order to sharpen your academic skills!  Being an ACTIVE learner will assist in making sure you are academically prepared for your post-secondary transitional journey.   Make sure to sign in, in order to have full access to the additional academic material that I have created and organized for you.   

    If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to visit me in the LRC.  I wish you a productive year! 

    Vicky Georgacopoulos
    Core Subject Liaison -- Language Arts
    Learning Resource Center (LRC)