• Auto Body Repair & Refinishing

    Course Description

    You love cars, you know what makes them look good, and you love detail work. Learn how to turn that interest into a lucrative, rewarding career. Begin acquiring I-CAR Certifications and College Credit as you prepare for post-secondary education or employment.

    What will my classes be like?

    Our ASE and I-CAR Certified instructor will walk you through every facet of auto body repair. You will learn non-structural repair methods such as sheet metal straightening, plastic/fiberglass repair, welding, body alignment, refinishing, damage analysis/estimating, and career opportunities. 

    Course Goals/Objectives

    Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to understand and apply the following:

    ·        Body Shop Operations

    ·        Hazardous Material, Personal Safety, and Refinish Safety

    ·        Vehicle Construction

    ·        Body Shop Hand Tools

    ·        Body Shop Power Tools and Equipment

    ·        Welding and Cutting

    ·        Simplified Metal Straightening

    ·        Simplified Plastic Repairs

    ·        Body and Structural Alignment

    ·        Panel Replacement, Hood, Doors, and Fenders

    ·        Mechanical Component Replacement

    ·        Refinishing Materials

    ·        Refinishing Equipment

    ·        Surface Preparation

    ·        Finish Application

    ·        Career Opportunities

    Course Outline

    August:            Body Shop Operations

    September:      Hazardous Materials/Personal Safety, Vehicle Construction, and Tools /Equipment

    October:           Simplified Metal Repair and Simplified Plastic/Fiberglass Repair

    November:       Panel Replacement/Alignment and Damage Analysis

    December:       Refinishing Materials/Equipment

    January:          Refinishing Techniques

    February:         Welding Practices/Equipment

    March:              Detailing/Striping

    April:                Estimating

    May:                 Career Opportunities

    Assessment Standards/Grading Practices

    Students are evaluated by their accuracy and productivity on both written and hands-on work. In addition, they are also graded on employability traits such as safety, attendance, initiative, cooperation, and dependability.

    College Credit Opportunities

    Kishwaukee Community College - Dual Credit

    Highland Community College-Articulated Credit

    Field Experiences/Competitive Opportunities

    SKILLS USA - Collision Repair or Refinishing

    College and Career Pathways

    I-CAR points towards Platinum Certification

    For sample occupations and postsecondary educational requirements, visit:

    www.careertech.org and click on “Career Clusters & Pathways”

    Program Selection Guidelines/Recommendations

    We are confident the Auto Body Repair & Refinishing Program at Technology Center of DuPage is a positive and productive learning opportunity for DuPage County students. With this in mind, the following academic guidelines are recommendations intended to assist in scheduling students for success.

    If a student considering Auto Body Repair & Refinishing or has questions about one or more of these guidelines, contact a guidance representative from the home high school or the program instructor to clarify individual concerns. 

    Academic Readiness

    Mathematics:  Students currently enrolled in or who have completed Geometry are likely to be effectively prepared to manage mathematics concepts required of students to be successful in this program.

    Reading/Writing: Students currently enrolled in or who have successfully completed English 10 are likely to have the literacy skills required of students to be successful in this program.

    Attendance:  Students are expected to attend and effectively participate in program activities, in order to be successful in the Technology Center of DuPage experience. Because much of the work is done in the shop and cannot be made up, a 95% attendance rate is an expected goal for students seeking success in this program.

    Professional Skills

    Auto Body Repair & Refinishing students are also expected to effectively display the following attributes:

    ·        Time Management

    ·        Personal Motivation

    ·        Problem-Solving Ability

    ·        Reliability/Dependability

    ·        Ability to Work Well with Others