• Data Entry

    After successful completion of this course, the student should be able to input data in real-world applications while building alpha numeric and numeric keyboarding speed and accuracy. This course provides training of data input and includes source documents. The data entry curriculum provides students with familiarity in using Windows programs, including Microsoft Word.

    What will my classes be like?

    Master the basic skills you can build on to manage today's busy, automated offices. Become proficient in word processing. Learn administrative procedures, time management, and the efficient use of telephone and e-mail systems. Index and alphabetize personal, business names and governmental/political designations. In addition, apply decision-making skills to the job search process.   

    Course Goals/Objectives

    Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:

    Input data from business forms

    Display appropriate speed and accuracy levels using proper keyboarding techniques

    Use word processing software to format business documents

    Identify the stages in the life cycle of a record

    File and retrieve records using alphabetic, numeric, geographic, and subject filing systems

    Demonstrate communication skills needed for effective professional discourse

    Distinguish among classes of domestic and international mail

    Identify e-mail “netiquette” rules to follow

    Develop job seeking skills and incorporate a portfolio to showcase activities learned

    Develop proficiency in punctuation, spelling, capitalization, and number style skills


    Course Outline

    Keyboard Fundamentals

    10-Key Data Entry Skill-building

    Word Processing Software to Format Documents

    Records Management

    Telephone Communication Techniques

    Processing Professional Documents

    Building Communication Skills

    Preparing for Employment

    NCRC Preparation and Testing

    Business English/Language Arts Skills



    Assessment Standards/Grading Practices

    Emphasis is placed on business and industry standards.

    College Credit Opportunities

    Students may earn college credit while also earning high school credit in the following College of DuPage classes:

    OFTI 1100 Introduction to Computer Keyboarding (3 credithours)

    OFTI 1210 Word Processing I (3 credit hours)

    College and Career Pathways



    For sample occupationsand post secondary educational requirements, visit:


    www.careertech.org and click on “Career Clusters & Pathways”


    Placement Guidelines/Recommendations

    We are confident that the Data Entry Program at Technology Center of DuPage is a positive and productive learning opportunity for DuPage County students. With this in mind, the following academic guidelines are recommendations intended to assist in scheduling students for success.

    If a student considering the Data Entry Program has questions about one or more of these guidelines, contact a guidance representative from the home high school to clarify individual situations.

    Academic Readiness

    Mathematics:  Students currently enrolled in or who have completed Geometry are likely to be effectively prepared to manage mathematics concepts required of students in this program.

    Reading/Writing: Students currently enrolled in or who have successfully completed English 10 are likely to have the literacy skills required of students in this program.

     Attendance:  Students are expected to attend and effectively participate in program experiences to be successful in the Technology Center of DuPage experience. 95% attendance is expected of successful students in this program.


    Professional Skills

    Data Entry students are also expected to effectively display the following attributes:

    Time Management Skills                       Personal Motivation                  

    Problem-Solving Ability                          Ability to Work with others

    Reliability/Dependability                        Ability to Work Independently

    Strong Organizational Skills