Technology Center of DuPage Participation Fees
    As a student at Technology Center of DuPage, you will be assessed a $100 “participation fee.”  Please note that this fee is in addition to any fees the home school may charge.  TCD’s participation fee pays for the following:

    • 1 set of Navy Blue Scrubs for the clinical uniform
    • Clinical Supply bag including:
      • Stethoscope
      • Gait Belt
      • Memo notebook and pen
    • Textbook
    • Workbook and Clinical Skills online application program
    • Isolation Gown, Mask and Gloves

    Urine Drug Screen Test Fee:

    Each NATP student is required to have a urine drug screen completed. The directions to obtain a urine drug screen can be found on the TCD website under the program tab and then under the NATP tab. There is a fee for the drug test that students will need to pay. That fee will be disclosed once the student follows the directions to register for the drug screen.

    If your physician will perform a urine drug screen, those results will be accepted. The test needs to be a 7 or more panel urine drug screen test.

    Drug screen test results are due by Wednesday 9/17/21.

    If a student does not submit their drug screen results by this date, the student will not be allowed to attend clinical and will not be allowed to take the state certification exam.

    State Exam Registration Fee:

    Upon successful completion of the theory, lab and clinical portions of the program a student will be able to register to take the state certification exam. The student will be required to pay a registration fee to the state of Illinois. This fee will not be due until April 2022. The students will need to have the amount of the fee on an available debit or credit card in order to register for the state certification exam.

    Medical Physical and TB Testing: The cost for the required physical exam and TB testing is dependent on the student. Medical Insurance may cover the costs; it is best to check with your insurance company or medical provider. The DuPage County Health Department will administer TB testing as well with a minimal fee required.