• E-Rate RFP Questions and Answers

    E-Rate RFP Questions and Answers
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    Basic Maintenance

    • Question: Will the school entertain BMIC only for the switches and other listed items?
    • Answer: This 470 includes a request to purchase new core switch and a request for support for the existing core switch until new equipment can be installed.
    • Question: Is there an active maintenance and support agreement in place for the network equipment in scope? If so, when is the term end date?
    • Answer: Yes, it expires 6/30/2022.
    • Question: Can you clarify if the pricing should include configuration moves, adds, and changes or just configuration changes?
    • Answer: Assuming the question is for new core switch, it would require configuration moves adds and changes.
    • Question: Is TCDuP opposed to 24x7x365 device monitoring and alerting? If that feature is included in the price for the other services in scope.
    • Answer: No, we are not opposed to this service, however we have our own internal tools to provide this feature.
    • Question: Does the online and telephone based technical support require TCDuP to have direct telephone support with Cisco, or is can the support be direct with the awarded IT solutions provider?
    • Answer: Preferably with IT Solutions Provider granted that the warranty for hardware is also included in the service.
    • Question: Can you please provide a response to "sh inventory"?
    • Answer: Due to sensitive information provided in the response, please email erate2223@tcdupage.org with the request.


    Caching Server Maintenance

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