• Nursing Assistant Training Program – Dual Credit with College of DuPage

    TCD Program
    College Course Number
    Name of College Course
    Credit Hours
    NURSA 1105
    Basic Nurse Asst. Training

    Currently, the Technology Center of DuPage NATP Program course aligns with the College of DuPage’s Basic Nurse Assistant Training Program NURSA 1105. Successful completion of this course will result in your son/daughter receiving both high school and 6 college credits. An official College of DuPage transcript will be created for your student.

    Students may sign up for dual credit in their TCD program areas when they complete the dual credit form with TCD staff. This form is a College of DuPage approved document and will not require a parent signature. Technology Center of DuPage collects the forms and submits them to College of DuPage for processing.

    Important Dual Credit Testing Information:

    • A college level or Category One score on NEXT GEN, an untimed computer-based reading exam, is required to earn dual credit with College of DuPage in NURSA 1105.
      • Exemption from taking NEXT GEN  requires an SAT score of 950 or higher or an ACT composite score of 20 or higher.
      • If these scores have been met, the student DOES NOT need to take the NEXT GEN exam.
      • To be exempt from NEXT GEN, students must log into www.collegeboard.org, print their SAT or ACT score and turn into their TCD instructor.
    • If the student takes the NEXT GEN, the student must receive a score of 246 or higher  to earn dual credit.

    NOTE: ALL students must have a valid social security number, meet health requirements (including TB Test Screening, Urine Drug Testing, a physical exam form completed by the student’s physician and COVID screening if required by clinical facility) and pass a fingerprint criminal background check. Minimum age of 16 is also required due to Illinois state law.

    IMPORTANT: If your son/daughter has an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan and requires testing accommodations beyond extended time, parent(s)/guardian(s) should contact College of DuPage Accommodations Specialist, Rochelle Favale at 630-942-4260 to arrange for accommodations prior to testing. Students with accommodations need to test at a COD testing site to receive proper testing.