E-Rate RFP Questions and Answers
    (Additional questions will be posted as needed)

    These following questions are related to BMIC:

    Q: Is there a bill of materials available for this request?
    The only information available for this bid is attached to the 470.

    Q: We only sell Ruckus. If you are set on Cisco or this is an add on to an already existing Cisco infrastructure, we will not bid. But if you are open to a virtual or onsite demo and are looking to do a complete replacement of POE switches and AP’s then we would bid with alternates. Please reply so we know how to proceed.
    A: Thank you for your interest. This is a support renewal not a new purchase of networking equipment.


    Note: We found a typo on the original release of the description of our BMIC projects. The question due date was incorrectly listed as December 28, 2023.  The corrected date is December 28, 2022.


    Last Updated: 3/31/2023 2:24 PM