• TCD NATP Requirements for Clinical Eligibility


    Required Materials for Eligibility of Clinical Participation

    Students must successfully complete the clinical portion of the program to qualify for the state certification exam. Students will need to maintain the required grade percentage of 78% or above and provide the following to participate in clinical. 


    Students will need to maintain the following requirements to attend clinical:

    • An overall grade average of 78% or above in the course
    • An average of 78% on the Module Exams at the end of semester one and semester two.
    • Maintain the attendance and behavior policies of the program
    • Provide the results of a medical physical exam, results of required TB screening, results of a negative urine drug test, and complete a criminal background check. See below for details of each. 


    In addition to meeting the above requirements, students need to complete the following to attend clinical: 

    Physical Exam: Students will need a completed physical exam by their health care provider dated after June 30, 2021. 

    This form needs to be given to TCD by Friday September 17, 2021. 


    TB Test: Students must have  a  2 step TB skin test (or equivalent quantiferon blood test) performed by their healthcare provider.

    The 2-step consists of two TB skin tests done a minimum of 7 days and maximum of 21 days apart. The process to obtain a 2 step TB test will take up to 14 days. It is very important that student plan to arrange their medical appointment dates prior to 9/24/2021 so their results are available. 

    The quantiferon blood test gives a result in a timelier manner. This blood test ONLY requires one visit to the lab to have a blood specimen drawn, and then results are sent to students. 

    The 2-step TB skin test or quantiferon blood test must be completed prior to Friday 9/24/2021.


    Urine Drug Screen: Students must have a urine drug screen test completed and provide results to TCD pin order to attend clinical. The results MUST be submitted to TCD by September 17, 2021.

    If a student has a positive result, the student will need to be reviewed by instructional staff and administration before a decision is made about the student being allowed to attend clinical.  

    AHA BLS CPR Certification: Students must successfully complete an American Heart Association BLS – CPR certification course that will be taught as part of the NATP Program.

    Criminal background Check: Students must have a completed Criminal Background check prior to the start of clinical.

    This requires a student to have a social security number and valid stat issued ID.

    Background checks will be completed at TCD. Background checks are a state requirement to work in a healthcare facility. 


    Students must supply a photocopy of their social security card to TCD by Friday September 17, 2021.

    Students must also supply a photocopy of one of the following identifications to TCD by Friday September 17, 2021:

    • A state of Illinois Driver's License
    • A State of Illinois State ID
    • A passport

    Wrist Watch: Students will need a watch with a second hand. Electronic, digital or apple watches are not allowed.

    Shoes and Socks for clinical: White socks and white leather shoes are required for the clinical experience and will be purchased by the student. NO open back CROCs or foot vented CROCS are allowed.