• TCD NATP Attendance Requirements and Guidelines


    Attendance Requirements

    Classroom Attendance Policy: To maximize the student’s learning experience, regular and consistent attendance is required. Students missing more than twelve (12) school days for the entire year, will be removed from the clinical portion of the class and will not be eligible for the state certification exam or college credits. They will be eligible for the high school credit portion only of the class, if  the class is successfully completed.

    Students who are absent on days when chapter quizzes, module tests, quarterly projects or the comprehensive final test are given will be allowed to make up the quiz, test or project ONLY if the there is a doctor’s note, funeral or court date notice. With proper documentation these type of absences will be considered EXCUSED absences. Documentation is due the day that a student returns to class. Documents will be verified.

    An UNEXCUSED absence will result in a zero (0%) for any quiz, test or project that is due on the day of the absence.

    All absences are to be called to TCD attendance line by a parent or guardian. Parent and guardian calls to report absences are still considered an UNEXCUSED absence. 

    An absence will only be excused when proper documentation is given to the TCD instructor upon the student’s return to school.

    Clinical Attendance Policy: Clinical days are mandatory and limited. It is best for the student to NOT be absent on their clinical days. If a student must be absent from clinical due to illness or injury they MUST call Mrs. Bartels as soon as they know they will not be able to attend clinical. Students will be given a phone number to call when their clinical dates are appointed to them.

    When a student calls in sick for clinical they will be put on the “on call” list. If a clinical assignment becomes available they will be called to take that spot. There are NO guarantees that a clinical make up session will be available to accommodate a student’s absence.

    **Any student who is absent from a clinical day and doesn’t call Mrs. Bartels will be immediately dismissed from clinical and will be ineligible for the state certification exam and COD college credit. 


    If a student is going to be late for clinical, they need to call Mrs. Bartels. Depending on how late they will be, the student may be told to not attend clinical that day. If a student is late, they will need to make up the time that they missed as assigned by Mrs. Bartels.


    The Clinical Experience is viewed as a professional commitment and requires students required attendance and commitment similar to holding a position of employment. 

    Lab Participation Policy: Lab practice is a necessary component that helps prepare the students for their clinical experience. Skills will be learned and practiced in a simulated environment with demonstrations and guided practice. Skill testing will be performed at both TCD and in the clinical setting to ensure skill mastery. Students must participate in all lab practices and show proficiency when tested to comply with IDPH and TCD requirements.

    **Any student unwilling to participate in classroom skills, lab skills and/or testing may be prevented from attending clinical experience.