• TCD NATP Requirements for State Certification Eligibility


    Requirements for IDPH Certification Eligibility

    Students are eligible to take the state certification exam if they successfully complete the program and meet the IDPH certification criteria, including:  

    • Maintaining a grade of 78% or higher for each grading period (semesters 1 and 2) through the year
    • Passing all 21 required clinical competency skills
    • Maintaining consistent professional conduct in the classroom, at your home high school, and in the clinical setting
    • Strict adherence to program attendance requirements
    • Possessing a valid Social Security number
    • Meeting all requirements to attend the clinical experience by the set deadline. This includes a completed physical exam, 2 Step TB testing or serum quantiferon gold results, criminal background check and negative urine drug screen
    • Completing the minimum (40 hours) mandatory Saturday or after school clinical hours
    • Maintaining a 78% module test score average at the end of semester one and prior to state exam registration at the end of semester two.
    • Pass the final exam with a 78% or above score.