• TCD NATP Expectations & Procedures for Classroom/Lab

    Arrival: Students are expected to arrive on time and be prepared to participate. They are to report to their assigned rooms when they arrive at TCD and prepare for the lessons posted.

    Dress Code: Dress is casual but must be suitable for classroom and laboratory experience; no low-cut tops, no crop tops, no low rise pants, no short shorts or skirts, and/or no exposed skin. TCD is a career building educational center, dress code is upheld to encourage professionalism.

    Hygiene: Fingernails must be less than ½ inch past the fingertips while in the program starting 9/17/21. NO ARTIFICIAL, GEL or COLORED/PAINTED nails are allowed at the clinical site.

    Equipment: All equipment and supplies are the property of TCD and should be handled with care and remain in the classroom.

    Student Productivity: It is the responsibility of the student to effectively utilize all delegated class time for reading, studying, group projects, skill practice and other assignments.

    Disruptive/Poor Behaviors: Behavior which distracts others and interferes with the learning process will be addressed by the instructor.  Sleeping is not tolerated. Language needs to be professional and respectful at all times to allow for appropriate workplace/classroom behavior.

    Electronic Devices:  Electronic devices are to be silenced and put away. This includes cell phones, texting devices, iPod, iPad and other items that the instructor finds inappropriate to the learning environment. These electronic devices may be used during break times, or at the discretion of each individual instructor. Failure to comply with this policy will result in disciplinary action as deemed appropriate by the instructor. TCD is not responsible for cell phones if misplaced on campus.  

    Cell phones used in a manner that might compromise a person’s right to privacy (including but not limited to taking and/or sharing unauthorized pictures, videos, and/or correspondence) will be disciplined for gross disrespect. When used responsibly, cell phones may be used in the common public areas before school, after school, and during passing periods. Students are not to use cell phones in any other area other than the common public areas, unless expressly authorized by their instructor.

    Instructional Integrity: Any student that is found to have cheated on daily classwork, quizzes, exams or midterm/final will receive a “0%” as the grade for the assignment or exam.

    Academic Honor Code: The objective of the academic honor code is to sustain a learning centered environment in which all students are expected to demonstrate integrity, honor and responsibility, and recognize the importance of being accountable for one’s academic behavior.

    Harassment, Sexual Harassment & Bullying: TCD seeks to foster a community environment in which all members respect and trust each other.  There is no place for these behaviors.  TCD has a strong policy prohibiting harassment or bullying of any member of the TCD community by another.

    TCD Student Handbook: Students are expected to follow the expectations for students as stated in the Technology Center of DuPage Parent/Student Handbook. These expectations are in place at TCD and in clinical experiences. The TCD Student Handbook is on the TCD website.

    The BE(s) of NATP:

    Be Respectful: Speak one at a time, raise your hands, treat equipment with care, treat others as you would want to be treated, no personal grooming in the class or lab (hair combing or makeup application)

    Be Prepared: Have your text book, work book, black pen, lab folder, and note taking materials ready to be used each day. Hand in work when it is due.

    Be Self Driven: Review the daily plan posted for each day. Begin and complete bell work at the start of class. Utilize the weekly plan for time management. Utilize google classroom for instructional materials and additional learning resources.

    Be Present: Attendance is a necessity of this class. Students must be present physically as well as mentally. Students are ONLY allowed 12 absences for the whole year. Any missed quizzes, module test, final test or projects will result in a 0% if a student is not present the day it is due. If an absence is planned, speak with your instructor ASAP. If an absence has a MD note, Court Note or Funeral Proof the missed grade can be made up.

    Be Responsible:  If a student is absent they should check the day of the week folder for any work missed. Then follow the Ask 3 Before Me Policy-Speak with 3 tablemates about work that you missed before coming to the instructor.

    Be Accountable: Hand in assigned work on the given due date. Late work will receive 50% point deduction. Prepare for quizzes and tests. Speak up and ask for assistance/clarification when you need it. Mistakes and poor choices may happen, but how a student handles it will determine how they will learn and grow.

    Be Committed: If a student needs to leaves the program area, they must sign out and return in a timely manner. Only 2 students can be out of the program area at one time. The less time spent in the program area, the more time a student will struggle. NO CELL PHONES!! Power the phones down and put them in the designated area per your instructor. Be committed to the opportunity to be at TCD and in NATP. Cell phones are a distraction; students need to be focused. Think of it like this: Would you like a nurse who is caring for your loved one to have her cell phone out and using it? Wouldn’t you question in your mind, what is more important her phone or her patient?