• TCD/NATP Clinical Expectations and Procedures

    It is important to remember that students are representing TCD and are guests in the clinical facilities. Students are expected to maintain mature, responsible, respectful and professional behaviors at the clinical settings.

    Students are expected to be present at their scheduled clinical dates and fully participate in all aspects of care that is assigned. Students must maintain respectful and professional behavior and communication with all instructors, staff, students and residents. They must be polite and use no obscene language or gestures.

    If a student does not follow these expectations they will receive a disciplinary action.  Disciplinary action will include getting sent home from clinical and not receiving credit for the clinical day. The student will also be referred to the Assistant Principal of Student Services once they return to TCD from the clinical setting. Depending on the severity of the behavior, a student may be removed from the clinical portion of the class resulting in the ineligibility for the state test and college credit.

    Punctuality and Arrival to Clinical Rule

    Students are to arrive 15 minutes early to their assigned clinical settings. Students must report immediately to their clinical instructor upon arrival at the clinical facility. Students must arrive at the clinical site in full uniform and be prepared to begin promptly at their scheduled start time. If you are late, you will be sent home and will not get credit for the clinical day.

    Maintaining Professional Appearance Clinical Rule

    The student must dress with regards to medical asepsis and safety while in the clinical setting. If a student does not follow the uniform, equipment and/or hygiene requirements for the clinical setting listed below they will be sent home from clinical. If a student is sent home, they will not receive credit for the clinical day.

    Required Uniform and Equipment

    • a navy blue uniform scrub set and ID badge. Uniforms must be clean and wrinkle free.
    • white supportive / protective leather non-skid shoes –closed toes and closed back
    • white socks
    • a watch with second hand
    • a small spiral notebook and black pen
    • stethoscope and gait belt in cinch bag

    Hygiene Requirements for Clinical

    • Appropriate undergarments should be worn but not visible (no low-rise pants).
      Natural skin colored, white or beige supportive undergarments are best.
    • Hair must be neat, clean and arranged off the collar of the uniform top.
    • Facial hair on male students must be clipped, short and well-groomed.
    • Facial makeup should be minimal
    • No fake eyelashes will be allowed
    • No strongly scented perfume or deodorant is allowed.
    • Gum chewing is not allowed.
    • Clear nail polish is permitted with short, filed nails.
    • NO sculptured or artificial nails are allowed. This includes Gel, No Chip and french manicures.
    • Body tattoos must be covered while in the clinical setting.
    • Ear piercings will be allowed. Only stud earrings are acceptable to one hole per ear.  NO   cartilage, tongue or other visible body piercings are allowed. Gauge piercings will need to be removed or covered.
    • No jewelry is allowed except for the required wrist watch. NO bracelets, rings or necklaces.
    • Students must maintain good personal hygiene at all times including daily washing/showering and applying deodorant to help control body odors.
    • Good Oral Hygiene is required. No smoking.

    Upholding Resident’s Rights to Privacy Rule

    Resident confidentiality and resident rights must be maintained always. Residents have the right to privacy. Some clinical facilities will not allow cell phones on patient care units due to their ability to take photographs. All cell phone/texting, or any other electronic devices are not permitted during clinical. Cell phones and/or beepers must be turned off. Messages may be left on the student’s voicemail and checked during their scheduled break only. The only time students may use a cell phone is during a scheduled break. Cell phones must be turned off prior to returning to the clinical unit. Neither the clinical facility nor the Technology Center of DuPage are responsible for lost or missing items. It is best practice to leave your cell phone on your car.
    If a student violates the rules on cell phones, they will be sent home. If a student is sent home, they will not be given credit for the clinical day and will be removed from the clinical experience.

    Upholding Resident Safety Rule

    Resident safety is the priority in the clinical setting. The following are safety standards that students are required to follow.

    • Students must have specific permission from their clinical instructor before carrying out any patient care task.
    • Before leaving the resident’s bedside, students are responsible for making sure the area is clean, i.e. dirty linens are removed, the floor is free of litter and spills, commode/bedpans are emptied, cleaned and put away, equipment is returned to its proper place and the resident has their call light and is safe.

    *If a student is found to have violated these safety standards, it may result in the immediate removal from the clinical setting and not receiving any credit for the day.

    Any incident or behavior which could endanger the physical, emotional or psychological well-being of a resident, family member, employee of the facility, instructor, or fellow student will be addressed immediately by the clinical instructor. The incident will be reviewed by the theory/clinical instructor in consultation with TCD administration. Depending on the severity of the safety issue, disciplinary action may result in a warning or immediate removal from the clinical experience.

    Student Concerns Procedure

    If at any time a student has a concern related to a fellow student, resident, facility staff member or facility policy / procedure, he / she should report this concern immediately to the clinical instructor.

    Student Breaks and Personal Belongings at Clinical Procedure

    Students scheduled for an 8 hour clinical day will have a 30 minute break, with no other breaks during the day. Students should bring a lunch or be prepared to purchase lunch from the facility or vending machines if available. Under no circumstances are students allowed to leave the facility for lunch or order out for lunch.

    Students are not allowed leave the clinical area for any reason without first notifying a clinical instructor. Keep purses or any other valuables locked in a trunk or leave them at home. There is no place to lock them up at the clinical site.