• Criminal Justice – Dual Credit with College of DuPage

    Technology Center of DuPage's current Criminal Justice Course aligns with the approved College of DuPage’s Intro to Criminal Justice CRIMJ 1100 (fall) and CRIMJ 1110 (spring).  Successful completion of this courses will result in your student receiving both high school and 6 college credits for that course. An official College of DuPage transcript will then be created for your student.  

    Students may sign up for dual credit in their program areas when they complete the dual credit form with TCD staff. This form is a College of DuPage approved document and will not require a parent signature. Technology Center of DuPage collects the forms and submits them to College of DuPage for processing.

    TCD Program
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      Criminal Justice 
     CRIMJ 1100  Introduction to Criminal Justice




      Criminal Justice  CRIMJ 1110  Police Operations & Procedures  3.0    X