• General System Administration 

    Goals and Objectives

    The Director directs the administration in the management of the School District and to facilitate the implementation of a quality educational program in alignment with Board policy 1:30, School District Philosophy. Specific goals and objectives are to:

    1. Provide educational expertise.
    2. Plan, organize, implement, and evaluate educational programs that will provide for students’ mastery of certification standards.
    3. Meet or exceed student performance and academic improvement goals established by the Board.
    4. Develop and maintain channels for communication between the school and community.
    5. Develop an administrative procedures manual and handbooks for personnel and students that are in alignment with Board policy.
    6. Manage the District’s fiscal and business activities to ensure financial health, cost effectiveness, and protection of the District’s assets.
    7. Provide for the proper use, reasonable care, and appropriate maintenance of the District’s real and personal property, including buildings, equipment, and supplies.


    105 ILCS 5/10-16.7, 5/10-21.4, and 5/10-21.4a.

    CROSS REF.: 1:30 (School District Philosophy), 2:20 (Powers and Duties of the Board of Directors; Indemnification), 2:130 (Board-Director Relationship), 3:40 (Director), 3:50 (Administrative Personnel Other Than the Director), 3:60 (Administrative Responsibility of the Building Principal), 6:10 (Educational Philosophy and Objectives)

    Adopted November 21, 2019