• TCD Today: Providing Context while Making Connections
    While TCD students still do the hands-on, occupational skills portion of the curriculum, a strong emphasis is placed on supporting the application of academics in the CTE classroom, the comprehensive classroom, and standardized tests. This strengthening of academic content supports the growing trend of high schools awarding academic credit for the math, science, and language arts content of CTE classes. The academic content in all TCD programs has been aligned with state standards.

    Technology Center of DuPage works toward supporting students at every level. Students must have good workplace and occupational skills for long term success, but will discover during their time at the Technology Center that academic skills are essential for entering any career field. For this reason, TCD students aspire to document in their résumés their progress and achievement in workplace skills, career development, and field-related academics: mathematics, reading, writing, and problem-solving.