• Board of Directors 
    DAOES Advisory Council/Committees
    The Board of Directors of DAOES believes that members of the local business community can provide advisory information and expertise that can be used by the System staff to improve the programs and the instruction provided to vocational students. Therefore, advisory committees may be formed. These will be comprised of persons employed in the private and public sectors who have experience and expertise in vocational areas in which instruction is offered or may be offered.

    The Board of Directors shall give careful consideration to all lay advisory committee recommendations for program improvement and adding new programs.
    A regulation defining an organizational structure for all the system-wide advisory council and lay advisory committees accompanies this policy.

    LEGAL REF.: 5 ILCS 120.
    105 ILCS 5/10-20.14 and 5/14-8.05.
    CROSS REF.: 2:240 (Board Policy Development), 5:40 (Communicable and Chronic Infectious Disease), 7:190 (Student Discipline), 7:280 (Communicable and Chronic Infectious Disease)
    ADOPTED: December 21, 2006