• Board of Directors 
    Public Participation at Board Meetings

    The Board shall permit any member of the public, including employees of DAOES, to comment to or ask questions of the Board during that portion of the meeting designated for public participation. Employees of DAOES shall be afforded an opportunity to comment. The Board has no obligation, however, to respond to any comments or answer any questions raised by members of the public.

    Subject Matter

    Members of the public shall be permitted to comment on any subjects or issues of public concern, with the exception of matter discussed and acted upon at a prior meeting. If the subject falls within the statutory exceptions to the Open Meetings Act, however, the Board reserves the right to immediately adjourn the meeting to closed session to discuss such matter. If the President of the Board, in his/her discretion, decides that, circumstances merit reconsideration of a matter discussed and acted upon at a prior meeting, the Board may permit public comment on such a matter.

    Time Limitations

    Members of the public shall be permitted to make comments or ask questions of the Board at each meeting, subject to the following time limitations:

    1. 5 minutes per speaker
    2. 45 minutes per meeting

    Procedure for Making Public Comments

    Any person seeking to make comments at a Board meeting shall notify the secretary of the Board by completing a registration card. The secretary shall arrange the registration cards by subject matter prior to the President's recognition of any person desiring to comment. In his/her discretion, the President may recognize such persons in any sequence or order.

    LEGAL REF.: 5 ILCS 120/2.06.
    105 ILCS 5/10-6 and 5/10-16.
    ADOPTED: December 21, 2006