• Operational Services

    Imprest Fund

    Imprest Fund The Board of Directors authorizes the establishment of an Imprest Fund in the amount of $7,500. Payments by check may be authorized by the Director for those expenditures for which it is expedient or necessary to pay without the delay required in processing ordinary bills.
    The check to reimburse the Imprest Fund is to be included on the monthly ratification list of bills paid and will include the amount, account number, vendor and purpose for the expenditure.
    Preapproved documentation including invoices, approved professional day requests, and approved purchase orders will accompany Imprest Fund check vouchers.
    The custodian of the fund will be the Treasurer, with the TCD Principal and the Director authorized signatories of the fund. No employee may sign an imprest fund check to himself/herself.
    ADOPTED: 12/20/2007