• Operational Services

    Facility Management and Building Programs

    The Director shall manage the System’s facilities and grounds as well as facility construction and building programs in accordance with law, the standards set forth in this policy, and other applicable Board policies. The Director or designee shall facilitate:  (1) inspections of DAOES by the Regional Superintendent and State Fire Marshal or designee, (2) review of plans and specifications for future construction or alterations of a school if requested by the relevant municipality, county (if applicable), or fire protection district, and (3) compliance with the 10-year safety survey process required by the School Code.

    Standards for Managing Buildings and Grounds

    All System buildings and grounds shall be adequately maintained in order to provide an appropriate, safe, and energy efficient physical environment for learning and teaching.  The Director or designee shall provide the Board with periodic reports on maintenance data and projected maintenance needs that include cost analysis.  Prior Board approval is needed for all renovations or permanent alterations to buildings or grounds when the total cost will exceed $12,500, including the cost equivalent of staff time.  This policy is not intended to discourage efforts to improve the appearance of buildings or grounds that are consistent with the designated use of those buildings and grounds.

    Standards for Green Cleaning

    The Director or designee shall establish and supervise a green cleaning program that complies with the guidelines established by the Illinois Green Government Coordinating Council.

    Standards for Facility Construction and Building Programs

    As appropriate, the Board will authorize a comprehensive study to determine the need for facility construction and expansion.  On an annual basis, the Director or designee shall provide the Board with projected facility needs, enrollment trends, and other data impacting facility use.  Board approval is needed for all new facility construction and expansion.

    When making decisions pertaining to design and construction of school facilities, the Board will confer with members of the staff and community, the Ill. State Board of Education, and educational and architectural consultants, as it deems appropriate.  The Board’s facility goals are to:

    1. Integrate facilities planning with other aspects of planning and goal-setting.
    2. Base educational specifications on identifiable student and industry needs.
    3. Design buildings for sufficient flexibility to permit new or modified programs.
    4. Design buildings for maximum potential for community use.
    5. Meet or exceed all safety requirements.
    6. Meet requirements on the accessibility of school facilities to disabled persons as specified in State and federal law.
    7. Provide for low maintenance costs, energy efficiency, and minimal environmental impact.

    LEGAL REF.:        

    42 U.S.C. §12101 et seq., Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, implemented by 28 C.F.R. Parts 35 and 36.
    20 ILCS 3130/, Green Buildings Act.
    105 ILCS 5/2-3.12, 5/10-20.49, 5/10-22.36, 5/10-20.63 and 5/17-2.11.
    105 ILCS 140/, Green Cleaning Schools Act.
    105 ILCS 230/, School Construction Law.
    410 ILCS 25/, Environmental Barriers Act.
    410 ILCS 35/25, Equitable Restrooms Act.
    820 ILCS 130/, Prevailing Wage Act.
    23 Ill.Admin.Code Part 151, School Construction Program; Part 180, Health/Life Safety Code for Public Schools; and Part 2800, Green Cleaning for Elementary and Secondary Schools.
    71 Ill.Admin.Code Part 400, Ill. Accessibility Code.
    CROSS REF.: 2:150 (Committees), 2:170 (Procurement of Architectural, Engineering, and Land Surveying Services), 4:60 (Purchases and Contracts), 8:70 (Accommodating Individuals with Disabilities)

    Adopted: February 20, 2020