• Personnel

    Payroll and Deductions

    Twelve (12) month employees shall be paid twice a month, in twenty-four (24) substantially equal installments, on the 10th and 25th of each month. When a pay day falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, the employees will be paid on the last day the Administrative Offices are open preceding the normal pay date. School-year employees shall be paid twice monthly during the employee's work year or in 24 substantially equal installments. The selection of salary installments by school-year employees must be made in writing by the employee prior to the first working day of each school year. If the employee fails to select to be paid in 24 substantially equal installments, he/she will be paid twice monthly during the employee's work year in substantially equal installments.

    Employees must request that salary deductions be made for tax sheltered annuities; however, such deductions will be made and escrow accounts managed only in cases where at least five employees have requested the same program deduction. No more than four different such annuity programs will be managed by the administration.

    ADOPTED: 12/20/2007