• Instruction
    Educational Philosophy and Objectives 


    DAOES - Statement of Mission

    It is our mission to help students understand and prepare for career opportunities.

    To address this mission, the DAOES will…

    • Provide high quality educational programs
    • Create learning environments that are stimulating and productive
    • Use an integrated approach to enhance the academic, technical, and personal skills of students
    • Provide leadership in staff training and curriculum development
    • Continually challenge staff and students to excel

    DAOES - Statement of Vision

    It is our vision to provide all students with the learning opportunities they need to succeed.

    In pursuit of this vision, DAOES will…

    • In collaboration with client school districts, post secondary institutions, and industry, support a comprehensive educational program at the Technology Center of DuPage and throughout the region
    • Encourage and nurture new concepts and innovations throughout the System
    • Use new information to capitalize on change

    DAOES - Goals

    • To maintain and provide current information about programs being offered in the DAOES region
    • To improve collaborative linkages between and among member school districts
    • To conceptualize models and to propose alternative structures to deliver Technology Center of DuPage programs
    • To design and implement a comprehensive marketing program for the Technology Center of DuPage
    • Continue to employ and maintain a quality staff

    The administrative staff is responsible for apprising the Board of Directors of the educational program's current and future status. The Director should prepare an annual report that includes:

    • A review and evaluation of the present curriculum;
    • A projection of curriculum and resource needs;
    • An evaluation of, and plan to eliminate, any sexual, cultural, ethnic, or religious bias that may be present in the curriculum or instructional materials and methods;
    • A plan for new or revised instructional program implementation; and
    • A review of present and future facility needs.

    CROSS REF: 7:10 (Equal Educational Opportunities)

    REVIEWED AND ADOPTED: June 18, 2020