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    Program Change

    Technology Center of DuPage programs should meet labor market conditions and also should change as labor market conditions change. It is expected that Technology Center of DuPage programs will be modified or deleted and new programs will be initiated as appropriate.

    The Director shall make recommendations to the Board of Directors for all program changes.

    DAOES Curriculum Development Projects

    All staff members from participating DAOES schools involved in a regional curriculum development project or staff in-service activity will receive compensation at a rate established on an annual basis by the DAOES Board of Directors.

    Special Grants or Contracts

    The DAOES Board of Directors believes in the importance of pursuing grants and funding which promote and enhance career and technical education programs in the DAOES region. In keeping with this tenet, the DAOES administration will seek such grants, with all applications being approved by the Board of Directors.


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    ADOPTED: January 18, 2007

    REVIEWED AND ADOPTED: June 18, 2020