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    Co-Curricular Activities (Technology Center of DuPage)

    A well-planned program will ultimately enrich the curriculum, provide new learning experiences, promote interest in classroom work, and improve morale and discipline.

    Co-curricular activities are defined as those activities outside scheduled instructional time that are in the interest of students' educational progress and/or are desirable extensions of educational activities supported during regularly scheduled hours.

    It is the intention of the Board of Directors to support such co-curricular activities. The formation of any student organization will require Board approval.

    The Board Treasurer shall be the custodian of all funds generated by co-curricular activities.

    Criteria for the formation and operation of any co-curricular organization and/or activity will be in accordance with applicable sections of the School Code and DAOES policy and regulations.


    105 ILCS 10-20.19(3), 29-3.1, 10-22, 34A.


    REVIEWED AND ADOPTED: June 18, 2020