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    Learning Resource Center

    The Learning Resource Center (LRC) has been established for learning that can be delivered outside the laboratory. The area provides an area to work with software, resource materials and media materials. The LRC will have a coordinator in charge who can assist the student in locating the proper material, using the media equipment, and in maintaining the area as a study area. The LRC coordinator will process and file the materials to make it available to the next student needing the material. It is intended that all "study" work employing resource materials should be done in the LRC.

    The following procedures are designed to: 1) increase student awareness of LRC purpose in the IGLS and exclusive use of LRC for the intended purpose; 2) totally avoid any use of LRC as an excuse by students to waste time; and 3) make most efficient use of LRC materials.


    1. Students must report to their program area first before moving to the LRC; the student must return to the program before departing from the Technology Center of DuPage.
    2. Students may access LRC only from a learning station.
    3. Program teacher control over LRC usage must be maintained.
    4. All resource materials (except teachers' copies) will be housed in the LRC. Materials will not be checked out to students.

    Program Teachers will:

    1. Assure that students understand proper and intended use of LRC;
    2. Release students to LRC;
    3. Monitor return of students from LRC;
    4. Log departures to and returns from an LRC; and
    5. Periodically compare their logs with LRC logs to assure proper student use.

    LRC Coordinator will:

    1. Log students in and out of LRC;
    2. Periodically assist teachers in monitoring and cross-checking logs; and
    3. Call to teachers' attention any cases that can (should) be handled by the teacher.

    CROSS REF.: 6:220 (Instructional Materials Selection and Adoption)


    REVIEWED AND ADOPTED: June 18, 2020