• Instruction
    Educational Tours

    The Board of Directors believes that conducting or sponsoring educational tours or organizing travel arrangements for students or employees is not a proper function for a public school.

    Therefore, DAOES shall not organize, conduct, or sponsor any form of tour or travel arrangements for students or employees except those regularly involved in student clubs or activities, field trips or employee travel approved by the Board of Directors.

    Legitimate educational tours may be advertised to students and employees at the Technology Center of DuPage as part of the travel training program, provided no endorsement or approval is given or implied, and provided that such advertising includes a disclaimer of liability and/or responsibility on the part of DAOES.

    Privately arranged trips, including those led by DAOES staff members, shall not be represented as or construed to be sponsored by DAOES. DAOES does not provide liability protection for privately arranged trips and is not responsible for any damages arising from them.


    105 ILCS 5/29-3.1.

    CROSS REF.: 4:140 (Waiver of Student Fees), 7:10 (Equal Educational Opportunities), 7:270 (Administering Medicines to Students)


    REVIEWED AND ADOPTED: June 18, 2020