• Instruction
    Assemblies and Ceremonies

    Assemblies must be approved by the Director or designee and be consistent with the DAOES's educational objectives.

    The DAOES shall not endorse or otherwise promote invocations, benedictions, and group prayers at any school assembly, ceremony, or other school-sponsored activity.

    LEGAL REF.: Lee v. Weisman, 112 S.Ct. 2649 (1992).
    Santa Fe Independent School District v. Doe, 120 S.Ct. 2266 (2000).
    Jones v. Clear Creek Independent School District, 977 F.2d 963 (5th Cir., 1992), reh'g denied, 983 F.2d 234 (5th Cir., 1992) and cert. denied, 113 S.Ct. 2950 (1993).
    CROSS REF.: 6:70 (Teaching About Religion), 6:80 (Teaching About Controversial Issues)
    ADOPTED: June 16, 2011