• Instruction
    Employability Certification  
    A Skill Completion Certificate, which identifies all specific related proficiencies of the student, will be issued to each senior student upon successful completion of his/her work at the Technology Center of DuPage.
    Successful completion shall be determined by earning a “C” or better grade in the last semester of attendance, in accordance with the established grading criteria and successfully completing the identified essential skills for the program.
    Duplicate official certificates may be issued any student upon request and payment of a five dollar ($5.00) fee. Official certificates shall be printed on an official form and bear the Technology Center of DuPage seal.
    Juniors not returning to the Technology Center of DuPage as seniors may request certificates after October 1 following their last semester of attendance at the Technology Center of DuPage. These certificates will be awarded based on the aforementioned criteria.
    ADOPTED:    January 18, 2007