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    Individually Guided Learning System (IGLS)

    The Technology Center of DuPage has a uniqueness not be found in the traditional school. With the Individually Guided Learning System (IGLS) each student will be encouraged to work and learn on his/her own, at his/her own pace, in his/her own manner.

    Within this system, the Technology Center of DuPage staff will need to develop a subtle teaching/supervisory technique. Above all, faculty should supervise and plan sufficiently that all students are productively learning at all times.

    The staff must also be alert to groups of students not necessarily assigned to them, but who may be working in the vicinity. This is particularly true when students are in an area where the environment (equipment, facility) requires strict attention to safety protocols.

    As adults and responsible professional staff, the law requires and circumstances dictate occasions when it is necessary to intervene to protect the student from him/herself and the Technology Center of DuPage from damage. In this respect, every certificated staff member and teacher aide is the authorized agent of the school.

    ADOPTED: February 15, 2007