• It's never easy for people to see their vehicles damaged in an accident, faded by harsh sunlight, or corroded by the elements. As a skilled auto body technician, you can bring a vehicle back to pristine condition.
    You love cars, you know what makes them look good, and you love detail work. Learn how to turn that interest into a lucrative, rewarding career. Begin acquiring I-CAR gold class points as you prepare for post-secondary education to earn advanced I-CAR certifications.
    What will my classes be like?
    Our ASE and I-CAR certified instructors will walk you through every facet of auto body repair. You will learn sheet metal and welding techniques, body alignment, finishing and painting, cost/time estimating, plastic, fiberglass and measuring systems, and shop management. Work with industry standard equipment and learn how to turn what you learn today into a successful career.
    Auto Body