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    Principles of Engineering (POE)

    PLTW Pathway to Engineering Foundation Course
    TCD is a PLTW Certified School




    Principles of Engineering exposes students to some of the major concepts in a college level engineering course of study. Go beyond "myth-busting" to solution building! As you master the basic concepts needed to continue your education in engineering or engineering technology, you will apply them, tackling real world challenges:
    Energy sources and applications
    Machine systems
    Fluid power
    Testing the strength and durability of materials
    Understanding how things move and applying that knowledge to projects

    You are not in this alone: team up with other students to test and share your developing skills through hands-on projects and presentations. You will learn to document your work and communicate your solutions to others.
    POE gives students the opportunity to apply math, science, and technology concepts, so it is expected you are concurrently enrolled in college preparatory math and science classes.  



    The topics below are among the essential skills for this program. This is not a comprehensive list of all available skills and goals, but given to show the scope of the curriculum. If you find you are not familiar with the meaning of the course topics, don't worry -- that's the language of engineering! You will master it one step at a time. Changes may occur year to year based on industry input, change in focus, or other factors. Please contact the program instructor or coordinator for additional information. 

    Topics covered in this course will be used in future courses.


    The course of study includes:


    ·        Mechanisms

    ·        Energy Sources

    ·        Energy Applications

    ·        Machine Control

    ·        Fluid Power

    ·        Statics

    ·        Material Properties

    ·        Material Testing

    ·        Statistics

    ·        Kinematics

    POE is one of the foundation courses in TCD's PLTW Pathway to Engineering course sequence. Students who have successfully completed the foundation courses Introduction to Engineering Design (IED) and Principles of Engineering (POE) at TCD or their high school can easily transition to this course.

    For maximum recognition or credit from PLTW-affiliated colleges and universities, it is recommended that a student successfully complete the two foundation courses, one specialized course, and the capstone course. Some affiliates give credit or recognition on a course by course basis. For more information click here.
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