• You love to entertain and enjoy a fast-paced working environment where you multi-task and think on your feet -- welcome to the hospitality industry! Think you could catch a live fish and learn to fillet it? What is it like (and what does it cost) to cook for and serve a party of 15 -- or 200? How do restaurants survive and thrive in the face of stiff competition? Where does our food come from and how is a safe working and service environment maintained? You will love challenging yourself in the kitchen and TCD's Bistro 301 as you find the answers to these questions. Discover the breadth of this field through research or an industry internship. You could even find yourself trying to keep your cool in an exciting competition.

    What will my classes be like?

    In your first year, begin with ServSafe® -- a short certification course in food safety for managers -- followed by measurement and kitchen skills common to a range of industry pathways. Complete some basic systems training and the rest of the year is your choice: continuing in a dual credit/certification pathway of Cooking. In one year, you have the opportunity to earn certifications and dual credit (both high school and college credit) and solid employability skills.

    Kick it up a notch with ProStart® Independent Study!

    A self-study of the industry-recognized ProStart® curriculum, developed by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation. It’s an opportunity to learn, intern, compete, earn scholarships, and network with industry leaders.

    You will have the opportunity to participate in the Illinois Restaurant Association ProStart and American Culinary Federation (ACF) certification programs. TCD is the only high school in Illinois with ACF certification.

    Successful completion of specific curriculum topics lead to industry certifications including:

    • American Culinary Federation Secondary Culinary Graduate
    • American Culinary Federation Certified Junior Culinarian
    • ProStart Professional (National Restaurant Association): ProStart Certificate of National Achievement
    • ServeSafe Manager Certificate
    • ServeSafe Food Handler
    • ServeSafe Food Allergen
    • SP2 Certifications

    Available Student Certifications:

    • American Culinary Federation: Junior Culinary; Secondary Graduate Certification
    • ProStart National Certificate of Achievement
    • Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board Cheesecyclopedia Certificate of Completion Education
    • SP/2 Safety & Professional Standards Certifications

    Program Certifications:

    • National Restaurant Association ProStart Program
    • American Culinary Federation (ACF) Certified Program
    Matt Barker, Coordinator
    Kyle Neuner           
    The topics below are among the essential skills for this program. This is not a comprehensive list of all available skills and goals, but given to show the scope of the curriculum. Changes may occur year to year based on industry input, change in focus, or other factors. Please contact the program instructor or coordinator for additional information.
    Core Skills

    §     Program/Industry Orientation 

    §      Foundation Dinner (Spring)

    § Applied Nutrition

    § Business Math

    § Wisconsin Cheese Certification

    §     SP/2 - Safety/Professional Standards Training

    § ServSafe - Managers Training/Illinois Foodservice Sanitation Manager Certification

    § Sustainability Stewardship



    Employment Skills

    § Career assessment

    § Résumé & Portfolio Development

    § Application, interview, job search



    Professional Cooking Skills

    § Kitchen Basics: Safety, Equipment and Staples

    § Meat, Poultry, Seafood

    § Vegetables, Fruits, Grains

    § Sauces, Soups, Stock

    § Breakfast foods, sandwiches

    § Charcuterie (prepared meats)

    § Cooking Methods: Heat, Dry Heat, Combination Heat

    § Salads, Garnishes, Vinaigrettes, Dressings

    § Mise en Place (Organization)

    § Plating/presentation techniques

    § Global cuisines / Culinary Trends



    Professional Baking Skills

    § Vocabulary

    § Baking Science

    § Bakery Mixing Methods

    § Scaling for Baking

    § Cookie/Bar Production

    § Yeast Dough Production

    § Custards, chocolates

    § Pies, Cheesecakes

    § Quick breads, muffins, biscuits

    § Pastries, sauces, mousses

    § Design/Preparation of Plated Dessert

    § Cake decorating



    Professional Service Skills

    § Types of Service

    § Guest / Customer Service

    § Marketing and the Menu

    § Table Side Service

    § Cleaning, setting tables

    § Allergy Awareness

    § Point of Sale

    § Quick service / Coffee set-up

    § Purchasing and inventory

    § Standard accounting practices



    TCD's ProStart Management Team
    2nd Place at State ProStart Invitational!
    TCD's ProStart Management Team
    3rd Place at State ProStart Invitational!
    ProStart Mgmt Team  
    TCD's ProStart Culinary Team made it
    a FOURTH straight state win.
    They placed 10th at ProStart Nationals
    2015 ProStart

    ProStart Culinary Team:
    1st in State, 10th at Nationals
    FY14 ProStart Champs

    ProStart Culinary Team first in state,
    2nd Place at Nationals
    2nd Place National ProStart  
    Illinois ProStart Invitational Culinary Champ 
    Chef Faith Jennetta, CEPC: National Recognition
    TCD's Culinary program coordinator was selected from among 15 high school foodservice educators across the nation to receive the Sysco/CAFE Secondary Foodservice Educator of the Year award. 
             Culinary Activities
    Prostart Team:
    Meeting several times a week in preparation for competition

    Hospitality Club: meets to explore the hospitality industry by visiting different venues as a learning opportunity

    "Why ProStart?"
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