• The healthcare industry is expanding rapidly--is there a career path in it for me?

    Are you thinking about a healthcare career but need more information? Do you want to know what basic skills and knowledge are required to be successful in this broad, growing industry? Take this first step on the road to discovering whether a career in healthcare is right for you.


    What will my classes be like?

    Explore the modern Healthcare Delivery System and its broad spectrum of career pathways. Through research, lab activities, and group projects, you will lay a foundation in basic anatomy, physiology, common diseases/disorders, wellness and nutrition, growth and development, medical math, and the legal, ethical, and social issues common to today’s healthcare industry. You will be introduced to medical terminology as well as the teamwork, communication, and employability skills critical for success in this field.


    In addition to basic safety and infection control practices, you will have the opportunity to earn certification and dual credit in CPR and First Aid Training.


    This course is designed to meet the National Health Science Standards for healthcare foundations and prepare you for more advanced studies, such as TCD’s Medical Terminology & Health Careers, Nursing Assistant Training, and college healthcare programs of study.


    Career Opportunities

    (All require postsecondary education/training)

    Health Information Technology

    Medical Assisting

    Medical Imaging

    Physical & Occupational Therapy

    Speech/Language Therapy

    Surgical Technology

    among others



    Healthcare Careers