• Electronics drive modern life -- keep the energy flowing with your troubleshooting skills!

    If you are fascinated by today’s ever-morphing electronic devices, imagine learning how they work – and better still, how they can be developed or improved by YOU. Learn to install, customize, repair, and maintain today’s cutting edge electronics technology.

    First, learn to speak and read the language of electronics: symbols, data sheets, safety measures, and diagrams. Then begin electronic fabrication: the art of soldering, using assembly tools, and system testing procedures. You will build, test, and troubleshoot electronic circuits, using a digital storage oscilloscope to convert, observe and record constantly varying signal voltages. Understand the fundamentals of transformers, capacitors, inductors, and DC circuits.

    This program is for students interested in following either an electronics technology career pathway OR an engineering pathway.

    1. Students interested in Electronics Technology may take this program one year, with the opportunity to earn college credit through a partnership with College of DuPage.
    2. Students interested in the PLTW Pathway to Engineering course sequence will take PLTW Digital Electronics first semester, followed second semester by followed by the PLTW capstone course Engineering Design & Development (EDD) -- more PLTW information here.

    Digital Electronics (DE - PLTW) 

    Specialized Course, PLTW Pathway to Engineering

    TCD is a PLTW Certified School

    * Note to Students and Counselors:

    Students interested in taking Digital Electronics (DE) as part of the the PLTW course sequence should enroll in TCD's Digital Electronics / Electronics Technology program. The semester-long PLTW - DE curriculum is housed within the Electronics Technology program. Second semester, DE students may continue the PLTW sequence with Engineering Design & Development (EDD).


    Mark Lindberg