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    Computer Science Principles (CSP)

    Offered as its own elective or as a part of the PLTW sequence

    TCD is a PLTW Certified School


    Open doors in any career with computer science!

    Mobile apps, automation driven by computer languages, Big Data, social media, online shopping, cyber security, design simulations – be part of the team that creates solutions to improve people’s lives.


    Think of how computing and connectivity have already transformed your world. Software drives our games, our educational tools, technology in our workplaces, and keeps us connected worldwide. Behind the scene are teams of creative, computational thinkers like you, who love to dive into the details, solve complex problems, and develop ways to keep our connected world running smoothly and securely.


    What will my classes be like?


    This course will help you develop computational thinking, using powerful tools that foster out-of-the-box creativity. You will also discover the tremendous demand for computer specialists and professionals in all fields who have computational skills. Build your awareness of important issues surrounding the impact of computing on our global society.


    Collaboration is key: you and your classmates will work in teams through structured activities and open-ended projects and problems that require you to develop planning, documentation, communication, and other professional skills.


    Are you a computing newbie? Don’t worry; this course aims at ground level entry so everyone can successfully engage the problems. Are you already a brown belt in software? You won’t be held back – students with motivation, ability, or who have already had instruction through previous computer-related classes will be challenged to work further.


    The course covers the College Board’s new CS Principles framework.

    Because enrollment in a TCD elective is for the entire school year, here are the options for enrollment in CSP, which is designed by PLTW as a one-semester course:
    OPTION 1:  Take TCD's Computer Information Systems & Game Design course first semester / CSP second semester
    OPTION 2:  Take CSP first semester / TCD's Engineering Design & Development (EDD) course second semester



    This is not a comprehensive list of all available skills and goals, but given to show the scope of the curriculum. It is recommended that students are concurrently enrolled in college preparatory mathematics and science courses.

    Unit 1: Algorithms, Graphics, and Graphical User Interfaces

    Algorithms and Agile Development

    Mobile App Design – Creating an Android app, working with App Inventor

    Algorithms in the Python language, includes a “Prisoner’s Dilemma” tournament using GitHub

    Images and Object-Oriented Libraries

    Graphical User Interface (GUI), using two application-programming interfaces: Tkinter Canvas and its toolbox of GUI widgets


    Unit 2: The Internet

    The Internet and The Web

    Shopping and Social on the Web

    Security and Cryptography


    Unit 3:  Raining Reigning Data

    Visualizing Data

    Discovering Knowledge in Data


    Unit 4:  Intelligent Behavior

    Intelligent Machines, including learned to control Arduino robotic equipment

    Interpreting Simulations, including GUI simulations in NetLogo