Technology Center of DuPage offers industry professionals an opportunity to volunteer their experience by sitting on our Advisory Committees. The purpose of the advisory committee is to assist a CTE program for which the committee members’ profession matches. Our advisory committees meet twice a year, one in the fall and one in the spring. During these meetings, advisory committees discuss current employment trends, company programming and how TCD instructors can adapt curriculum to prepare their students for the competitive job market.


    Advisory committees are to provide career and technical programs with on-going evaluation and consultation about the curriculum to keep it current with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values identified as being necessary for students to work effectively in their chosen occupation.


    Effective use of the advisory committee can provide benefits not only to the instructional program, student, and teacher, but also to schools, community, business, industry, and labor.  These benefits include:

    • Community gains a better understanding of the CTE program through the involvement of committee members of the educational program.
    • Relevant programs reflect the needs of the community.
    • Committee members assist teachers in update new knowledge and skills by sharing new ideas and information.
    • Employability of students in the community is enhanced.
    • Sites are established for training, job placement, and community on-the-job mentors.
    • Community develops a greater sense of responsibility toward education.
    • Experiences are provided that allow students to obtain knowledge and develop skills that meet industry requirements.
    • Representatives from business-industry-labor come in contact with individuals who are potential employees and who use their products and services.


    Roles of Advisory Committee Members and Officers

    • Advise in developing course content for specific occupations.
    • Provide advice concerning laboratory layout, including the type and quality of equipment to be used.
    • Provide the instructor with competent resources individuals to enable instruction to effectively relate to the skills and knowledge pertaining to the job and its relevance to the needs of the community.
    • Assist in job placement of students.
    • Assist in evaluation of specific curriculum, textbooks, and resources to be offered in the career program.
    • Assist in providing direct and indirect financial support, frequently securing donation of equipment and materials.
    • Advise school officials in areas concerning the need for upgrading workers and retraining workers.
    • Assist in the development of community understanding and support of career and technical education.
    • Provide support and assistance of career and technical student organizations (CTSO), program competitions, and leadership opportunities for students.


    If you are interested in becoming a member of Technology Center of DuPage’s Advisory Committees, please contact the College and Career Specialist at 630-691-7601.