• robotics Are you ready to be prepared to enter the industrial and manufacturing workplace with the knowledge and skill levels surrounding; programmable controllers, process control instrumentation and mechanical maintenance? Courses will provide students the basic principles for Alternating Current (AC) and Direct Current (DC) motors and generators. The hydraulic and pneumatic course focuses on pumps, motors, cylinders, boosters, valves etc. to transmit and control power. Students will additionally learn basic theory and operation of robots in industrial automation.

    If you are fascinated by today’s ever-morphing electronic devices, imagine learning how they work – and better still, how they can be improved by YOU. Learn to install, customize, repair, and maintain today’s cutting edge electronics technology. First, learn to speak and read the language of electronics: symbols, data sheets, safety measures, and diagrams. Then begin electronic fabrication: the art of soldering, using assembly tools, and system testing procedures. You will build, test, and troubleshoot electronic circuits, using a digital storage oscilloscope to convert, observe and record constantly varying signal voltages. Understand the fundamentals of transformers, capacitors, inductors, and DC circuits.

    What will my classes be like?
    Projects you can tackle include designing and building a 14 watt RMS stereo amplified system, configuring PC networks, exploring alternative energy generation (solar and wind), and using motor controls, PLCs, and robotics to design your own mini-automated system.

    Career Opportunities (Most require postsecondary education/training):
    ATM Machine Installer & Repair: CET
    Electronic Engineer Aide: A.A.S./ET
    Electronic Field Service Technician: CET
    Electronic Sales: CET
    Electronic Assembler
    Electromechanical: IPC Certified
    Biomedical Electronics: CET
    Sustainable Energy Technician
    Wind Turbine Generator Installer
    Alternative Energy Engineer
    Industrial Maintenance Technician
    Automated Process Mechanic