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    Pathway to Engineering
    Developed by Project Lead The Way (PLTW), a leader in STEM education
    TCD is a PLTW Certified School.

    You have a vision to make the world a better place; master the tools to bring that vision to life!
    The products we use and spaces we inhabit every day were developed through engineering. Combine your natural curiosity, design talents, and problem-solving ability with in-demand technical skills as you explore the creative world of engineers, architects, manufacturers, and design technicians.
    TCD's hands-on learning labs and industry standard technology are the perfect fit for this challenging curriculum developed by Project Lead The Way (PLTW), an innovative leader in STEM education (see www.pltw.org).
    TCD-PLTW course information:
    Introduction to Engineering Design (IED) - foundation course
    Principles of Engineering (POE) - foundation course
    Digital Electronics (DE) - specialized course
    Civil Engineering & Architecture (CEA) -- specialized course
    Computer Science Principles (CSP) -- specialized course
    Engineering Design & Development (EDD) -- capstone course
    At TCD, "Pathway to Engineering" is a series of semester-long courses offered over two years (junior year and senior year). There are three enrollment options:
    A. Full PLTW at TCD: A student enrolls in the two foundation courses (IED, POE) for his or her junior year, followed senior year by a one-semester specialized course (CEA, CSP, or DE) and a one-semester capstone course (EDD).
    B. Completing PLTW at TCD: Students who have already taken one or both foundation courses (IED, POE) at their high school may continue the PLTW sequence at TCD in the junior or senior year.
    C. Partial PLTW Enrollment: Students interested in engineering who cannot follow the complete sequence may still enroll in foundation or specialized courses. Talk to your counselor or TCD's Career Counselor for information.
    Note: In order to receive maximum recognition from PLTW-affiliated colleges and universities, a student must successfully complete the two foundation courses, one specialized course, and one capstone course. Some institutions give credit/recognition on a course by course basis.
    For more information about PLTW college credit/recognition, click here.
    Project Lead The Way (PLTW)  
    There are not enough U.S. students majoring in engineering, manufacturing, or technology to fill millions of highly-skilled, high-paying jobs that will open in the next decade due to retirements and new innovations. PLTW, a non-profit innovator in STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics), developed Pathway to Engineering to encourage students to explore these careers, reinforce critical STEM skills, and help keep the U.S. globally competitive.
    Studies of this curriculum have proven that PLTW students become the kind of prepared, competent, high-tech employees and entrepreneurs U.S. industry needs. The goal of PLTW is to increase the number, quality, and diversity of engineers graduating from our educational system. The program also offers students the chance to find out if engineering is the career for them before investing in their college education.

    Research shows that PLTW students are five times as likely as other students to choose engineering and related disciplines in college and they have a higher retention rate in post-secondary engineering, science, and related programs.