• High School Credit and College Credit
    Dual Credit
    A TCD student may enroll in the College of DuPage and receive college credit in addition to high school credit. This is called "dual credit" and the amount of available credit varies from program to program. Some C.O.D. classes require taking the Compass Reading/Writing Skill test and receiving a base score before awarding the credit. Credit earned is recorded on the student's high school transcript and is transferable to any college that accepts C.O.D. credit.
    Articulated Credit
    This is college credit or advanced standing based on a student successfully completing TCD curriculum and meeting specific guidelines. The credit or advanced standing is college-specifici, awarded upon enrolling in that college or university and/or meeting other requirements as outlined by that college/university.
    Dual Enrollment
    This is college credit a TCD student may earn through a college level class outside school hours at College of DuPage's Addison Center (located in the TCD building). Again, this credit would appear on the student's transcript and be transferable to any college accepting C.O.D. credit. A announcement about the availability of these classes is made in the TCD program.

    Many TCD students follow a "2+2+2" plan, that is, completing two years at TCD, two years with a community college, and continuing at a four-year institution for the last two years of a bachelor's degree program. Click here for college credit information.