• Technology Center of DuPage Information / Requirements for Dual Credit, Articulated Credit, or Dual Enrollment


      Dual Credit Articulated Credit Dual Enrollment
    Payment / Fees There is no additional fee for College of DuPage at TCD.

    There is no additional fee.

    Fees vary depending on tuition and other resources that are required from the class such as books or kit fees.
    Where do students attend? Students earn dual credit for their work in their Technology Center of DuPage program. Students earn articulated credit in their Technology Center of DuPage class. Students attend classes at the College of DuPage Addison Center Campus (located in the TCD building). This is outside of regular school hours (e.g. after school or Saturdays).
    How is the credit generated? The students are generating a transcript for the College of DuPage at the same time they are earning high school credit in a Technology Center program. The students must attend the College of DuPage or the college/institution that offers articulated credit in order to receive the credit. The student attends the College of DuPage class at the Addison Campus and generates a transcript from the College of DuPage.
    How do students sign up? Students sign up by the designated deadline in their Technology Center of DuPage program area class. They will need their Social Security number. Students fill out an articulation form after they graduate and and are enrolled in the specific college/school. They must request a copy of their transcript from the Technology Center of DuPage. Students contact the College of DuPage to sign up for this course, however they may receive the flyer about the course from their Technology Center of DuPage instructor.
    Will I need to take a test in order to earn the credit? For certain programs, taking and passing the Accuplacer Reading test and Writing Essay are required. (See instructor for exceptions.)

    Some colleges or institutions require a student to pass the school's own competency/assessment test. or meet a minimum SAT or ACT score in order to receive credit. (See your instructor for information.)

    For certain areas taking and passing the Accuplacer Reading test and Writing Essay are required.