• You are welcome to visit TCD!
    The best way to appreciate the great opportunities at TCD is to see it firsthand.

    Personal Visits
    Visits to particular programs or a general TCD tour take place at pre-arranged times within the morning or afternoon sessions so that visitors may see a typical school day.

    Parents, guardians, and students interested in visiting Technology Center of DuPage may do so by making arrangements with TCD’s Principal. Once the appointment is made, parents should notify the student’s high school counselor and attendance office to ensure an excused absence.

    Group Tours
    School groups, clubs, organizations, and other interested community groups may tour TCD’s 19 program areas. A tour of the entire building usually takes from 75-90 minutes, depending on the size of the group.

    For Visits and Tours, contact:
    Michelle Miklinski, Career Counselor, 630-691-7600, email