• To some people cars are just transportation. But to you, cars are high-performance machines—art on wheels! You not only understand what makes cars run, you have the drive to make cars run at peak levels. Take your love of cars to the next step.

    Turn the key and listen to the engine. You know what high performance sounds like: no whining, no hesitation—just pure, smooth power. Diagnose, tune, and rebuild engines as you prepare for post-secondary education in this dynamic field.


    What will my classes be like?

    ASE-certified instructors help you build skills in computerized engine controls; engine tune-up and lubrication; brakes; electrical, fuel, cooling, and exhaust systems; steering and alignment. In the second year, move up to diagnostics and engine building. Qualifying students have the opportunity to participate in Automotive Youth Educational Systems (AYES) - a factory-sponsored training program that combines learning at TCD with an internship through an area dealership.

    Doug Schlachter  (2nd year students)
    Auto Tech       
    TCD Automotive Technology is an ASE and NATEF certified  program, supported by Automotive Youth Educational Systems (AYES).

    The topics below are among the essential skills for this program. This is not a comprehensive list of all available skills and goals, but given to show the scope of the curriculum. Changes may occur year to year based on industry input, change in focus, or other factors. Please contact the program instructor or coordinator for additional information.

    Shop Safety

    Related Shop Skills

    §         Orientation

    §         Manuals and parts catalogs

    §         Automotive math skills (decimals, fractions, measurements)

    §         Automotive electricity

    §         Standard/Metric bolt identification

    Tool & Equipment Management

    Introduction to 4 Stroke Cycle

    Automotive Electrical System

    Heating & Air Conditioning

    Engine Ignition System

    Engine Design & Operation

    §         Principles of Engine Operation (NATEF)

    §         Engine block diagnosis and repair

    §         Cylinder heads & valve train

    Emission Control System

    Engine Cooling System

    Suspension & Steering

    4-Wheel Alignment

    Braking System

    §         Brake system theory and operation (NATEF)

    §         Diagnosis and repair: anti-lock, hydraulic, disc, drum

    Tire and Wheel Service

    Chassis & Engine Lubrication

    Exhaust System

    Automatic & Manual Transmission/Drive Train

    Fuel Management

    Computerized Electronic Engine Controls

    Engine Diagnostics

    §         Engine performance: principles, testing, service

    §         Engine diagnosis: removal and reinstallation

    §         Mitchell-On-Demand research


    Employment Skills

    §         Career assessment

    §         Résumé & Portfolio Development

    §         Application, interview, job search




       News from TCD Auto Tech Alumni:

       Robert Huntzicker ('97, Comm. H.S. D94)
       Owner, Luxury Auto Finder (Batavia)
       giving back by offering employment 
       opportunities for current TCD students.
       Jessica Suda ('07, Glenbard South)
       First female auto instructor at SIU
       Camden Murphy ('14, Lake Park)
       Moving up in his NASCAR dream
       NASCAR Camping World Truck Race Wrap-up

       Steve Elza ('98, Glenbard East): 
       2015 Illinois Teacher of the Year!