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DAOES Student Recognition



Josh Itano, Emergency Medical TechnicianSOM_Josh

Josh is a second-year student in TCD's EMT Program, having completed our Fire Science program last year. Josh is the highest scoring student in the class, according to his instructor, Mr. Leston. His commitment to understanding and mastering new information is only exceeded by his passion to perfect his skills, learn more, and do more. Josh is admired and respected by his peers, who often approach him for information and clarification in squad activities and information in general. He always lends a helping hand and willingly volunteers to help others. His appreciation and respect for his instructors and for the learning opportunity is remarkable, and he is truly an asset in the classroom where all benefit from his interaction. Josh hopes to continue his education in the medical field.










Jared Fricke, Multimedia & Television Production

Jared FrickeSOM_Jared  is a second-year student in TCD’s Multimedia & Television Production Program from Wheaton North High School. Jared was nominated by his instructor, Mr. Jeff Heise. In his nomination, Mr. Heise stated that Jared is a diligent, highly motivated, and conscientious student. Jared is currently serving as an intern at Wheaton Bible Church, a facility considered to be a “Mega Church” with up to 3,000 members. According to Mr. Heise, Jared is a classroom leader who strives to discover new techniques for production. He is a student who works toward excellence in all the projects that he is a part of, and encourages others to do the same. Jared shows great potential to be successful as he pursues his career in the industry, and is wished the best of luck in future endeavors.





Past Honorees... 




Sam Richetti, Residential WiringSam

Sam Richetti is a senior at Willowbrook High School and a second-year student in Technology Center of DuPage’s Residential Wiring Program. In his nomination, Mr. Steve Cervenka stated that Sam has developed a strong work ethic and is a hard worker who strives to do his best. He brings maturity, a positive attitude, and has established himself as a classroom leader who can take charge of a group, or assist other students who may be struggling.Sam is a member of the A-Team, a Student Ambassador, and recently competed in the Residential Wiring competition at Skills USA. After graduation, Sam will be entering the International Union of Electrical Workers Pre-Apprentice Program.









Mike Virzi, Automotive TechnologyMike

Mike Virzi is a senior at Glenbard West High School and a second-year student in Technology Center of DuPage’s Auto Technology Program. In his nomination, Mr. Doug Schlachter stated that Mike is one of the greatest role models he has seen in the auto program since he has been an instructor at TCD. Mike’s optimistic demeanor and respect for peers and teachers has identified him as a “go to” individual when something needs to get done or to mentor another student. He is extremely humble and has an exceptional enthusiasm and willingness to learn. In addition to being recognized as DAOES April Student of the Month, Mike will represent TCD at the IPA (Illinois Principal Association) Student Recognition Breakfast. After graduation, Mike plans to continue to study Automotive Technology.









Shnayia Rodgers, Professional Cooking, Baking & Service


Shnayia Rodgers is a senior at Westmont High School and a first-year student in Technology Center of DuPage’s Professional Cooking, Baking and Service Program. In his nomination, Chef Matt Barker stated that Shnayia is an enthusiastic and committed learner who strives to reach her full potential. She possesses a work ethic years ahead of her age and treats both staff and other students with respect. Each day, Shnayia walks into the kitchen and immediately gets to work. She goes above and beyond to complete all tasks and goal work. She shows leadership by example, keeping the kitchen clean and organized, while working at a pace that the other students try to match. In addition, Shnayia excels in understanding

how to present herself. In a mock interview exercise in class, Shnayia received a 100 percent on the assignment, and the interviewer complimented her professionalism and warmth. We wish Shanyia the best and know that she be successful in whatever she chooses to do.











Osama Abdelsalam, Auto BodyOsama

Osama "Sam" Abdelsalam is a student of the Hinsdale South’s Transition Program and is a first-year student in Technology Center of DuPage’s Auto Body Collision and Repair program. Sam was nominated by his instructor, Paul Bunge, who stated that Sam is the rare student who combines exceptional talent with a willingness and eagerness to learn. He often works on extra-curricular assignments at home to help him have a better understanding of concepts and terminology. His dedication and hard work has paid off as he was recently a member of the A-Team. Sam enjoys working in the shop either with his peers on a project or tackling a difficult task on his own. Sam constantly challenges himself to improve upon his skills to better prepare him for his future. He truly puts his heart and soul into being the best he can be. Sam’s future plans include coming back to TCD next year followed by beginning his career at a collision repair shop.






Kristen Cerney, MultimediaKristen

Kristen is a senior from Downers Grove North High School and has been enrolled in the Multimedia program since her junior year. Kristen was unable to attend the Board meeting, but TCD Multimedia program instructor, Jeff Heise, shared his reasons for her nomination with the Board. Kristen is a classroom leader who strives to discover new techniques for production on a regular basis. Kristen often assists first and second-year students with their projects, as well as offering creative ideas and technical solutions to accentuate their work. This year, Kristen works as an intern at Wheaton Bible Church. The Wheaton Bible Production Team says Kristen is very dependable, works in a timely fashion and always completes tasks correctly. The director of the team has given Kristen additional responsibilities with confidence that the work will get done. Kristen edits stories for the production team that are used in the main service or other departments. Wheaton Bible Church, serves up to 3,000 members.

Isaac Tipner, Welding
Isaac is a senior from Lake Park High School and has been enrolled in the Welding program since his junior year. Isaac was nominated by his instructor, Robert Gutierrez. According to Mr. Gutierrez, Isaac is the highest scoring student in his class. He has developed a strong work ethic and exceeded all classroom and teacher expectations.  Isaac has assisted other welding students and even program areas at TCD and is always eager to talk to others about welding and projects he is working on.  Isaac’s eagerness to further enhance his welding skills led him to enroll in Mr. Gutierrez’s College of DuPage Welding class. Isaac’s commitment to do well and be successful is demonstrated each day. He is an exceptional young man who is dedicated and passionate about his work as well as helping those around him. Isaac plans to work in machine operating and hopes to own his own business.
Mary Coffey, Fire Science/EMTMary
Mary is a senior from Wheaton Warrenville South High School and attends the Fire Science/EMT program. Mary was nominated by her instructor, Lt. Greg Leston, who could not say enough about Mary’s commitment to personal excellence. He shared that she sets high standards for herself and is willing to help other students attain success as well, even offering to form study groups outside of school. Mary decided to attend TCD when she attended the 7th Grade Career Fair. She chose the Fire Science/EMT program because she wanted to “go out of her comfort zone.” Mary plans to attend College of DuPage next year to study EMS.

OCTOBER    Emily
Emily Pietka, Nursing Assistant Training Program 
Emily is a second-year student in TCD’s Nursing Assistant Training Program from Lake Park High School. Mrs.Ruth Ann Henson nominated Emily, stating that she is self- motivated to learn in the nursing program, and quick to volunteer or participate with student activities. Recently Emily shared with the class her ability to speak Polish, her cultural heritage, and her experiences while visiting Poland. She explained the health care system in Poland and how people are provided health care services.  Emily’s willingness to share and add to the learning of all students really makes her an emerging health care leader in the classroom. Emily’s kindness, compassion, and empathy make her a perfect candidate for the medical field. After graduation, Emily plans to attend college to become a neo-natal nurse practitioner.
SEPTEMBER   Madison_2
Madison Parker, Cosmetology
Madison is a second-year student in TCD’s Cosmetology Program from Downers Grove South High School. Mrs. Jeanna Tenuta nominated Madison, describing her as a diligent, highly motivated and conscientious student who goes above and beyond classroom expectations. Madison has over 1200 hours whereas most students have earned around 800 hours. She has signed up for many extra-curricular activities at TCD including Cosmo Club, school plays, TCD Open House, and other community events. Last year, Madison joined her peers and traveled to Springfield IL for the Skills USA Competition. Win or lose, Madison maintained a positive attitude and was thankful for the experience. After graduation, Madison plans to attend makeup school.