TCD Hybrid Schedule

Posted by Mr. Hlavacs (TCD Principal) on 9/22/2020 9:00:00 AM

TCD Update

A Message From the Principal

Good Morning Students, Parents, and Guardians,

The Hybrid Schedule (except for the 4 programs listed below that will remain online for remote instruction) for TCD has been created click the link below to view. It took a long time to develop a balanced schedule that met the guidelines of the IDPH, but we are confident this will work well for ensuring the safety of everyone who enters the TCD building. Students who selected hybrid schooling with their home school will be attending twice a week and learning remotely/online for the other three days a week.

TCD Hybrid Schedule

Please Take a close look to see which two days you are attending.

This schedule was developed with information provided by home schools from the selections students and families made in August regarding if a student wanted to attend in-person instruction in a hybrid model or if they wanted to learn online for the semester. If a student would like to change status from staying remote and to attend TCD in-person we will need 48 hours notice for TCD to approve/deny this kind of change. If a student would like to change to remote from in-person the student will need to communicate this request through the home school and the change will be immediate.  

TCD will also have 4 programs that will remain in remote/online instruction only (no in-person instruction) for now. Those programs are:

·     Early Childhood Education & Care

·     Criminal Justice

·     Healthcare Foundations 

·     Medical Terminology and Healthcare Careers

All students in the programs listed above they are going to remain in remote/online learning until notified otherwise. The programs listed that have dual credit will still be eligible for dual credit even though they will continue to be taught online. 

All other programs not listed above will start our Hybrid model on Monday September 28th where students will attend TCD 2 days per week and participate in remote learning the other 3 days of the week. 


Jason Hlavacs, Ed.D.

Principal – Technology Center of DuPage