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Welcome former TCD and Davea students!

Thousands of DuPage County high school students have passed through our doors -- are you one of them? We would like to hear about your post-secondary schooling and career path.

Why? Stories about former students do four things:
  1. Inspire current students
  2. Encourage instructors and staff members
  3. Enrich the history of our school
  4. Inform the community and decision makers about the VALUE of Career & Technical Education programs such as Technology Center of DuPage

So please fill in the information on the link provided as much as you can. The information is for historical / statistical purposes only, and remains with Technology Center of DuPage (formerly Davea or Davea Career Center) unless you give permission to share that information. Contact information (addresses, phone numbers, email) will NOT be shared with any other entity.

If you would not mind sharing your story or parts of it in a "Where Are They Now?" type document or section of an e-newsletter, please check the "permission" box and provide some means of contacting you if we have further questions (phone number or email address).

We do ask that you include what state you are living in now, so we can see how far and wide our alumni have traveled!