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TCD History

Technology Center of DuPage opened in its current Addison facility in late December of the 1974-75 school year, under the acronym DAVEA (DuPage Area Vocational Education System). It was developed to provide DuPage high school students with advanced vocational education programs, preparing them for skilled entry-level employment after high school. A student’s grade was based on his/her performance of occupational skills and workplace skills.

When the State of Illinois reorganized its vocational education delivery system in 1984, a new regional governing body was formed – the DuPage Area Occupational Education System (DAOES) – and the DAVEA acronym became a name: Davea. The focus was still on vocational education, but with the idea that a student was no longer being prepared for a job, but an evolving career path.

The explosion of technology in the workplace, combined with a competitive global marketplace, created a demand for employees with high-tech skills, critical thinking and communication skills, an ability to learn and adapt, and the ability to work both independently and as part of a team. As a result, more Davea students were continuing their education after high school, whether through college, technical schools, or advanced industry-based training. In practice as well as philosophy, high school vocational training had become “career & technical education,” no longer the track for the non-college bound.

To reflect these changes, Davea’s name was changed in 1998 to Technology Center of DuPage. It continues to prepare students for the next step after graduation (usually a combination of post-secondary education and work) and to expect lifelong learning as the key to a solid career path. Toward that end, Technology Center programs offer students the opportunity to earn transferable college credit concurrently with high school elective credit (“dual credit”).