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Computer Information Systems & Game Design

Games! You enjoy playing them, but how are they developed? Take your gaming and “modding” talents to a new level while challenging yourself with broader business applications. Be a skilled, valuable resource for all kinds of companies!
Are you a creative problem solver? Do you like finding your own solutions to complex puzzles? Or are you a storyteller who enjoys envisioning new worlds, characters, and adventures? Whether gaming or software is your passion, pump up your skills in design, development, and debugging.

What will my classes be like?

Build on what you already know about computers in program and game design. Acquire skills in managing, running, and maintaining systems in any setting, from entertainment to education to business.
Game programming and web development require creative, detail oriented people. Design your own games, websites, or apps as you develop skills in writing code, storyboarding,  and 3D character development. Use state-of-the-art software and today's programming languages: Unity, Java, HTML, 3D Studio Max, Visual Studio (C#), GameMaker Studio 2.0, and Adobe Photoshop.
When you complete this course you will be ready for entry level programming positions and prepared for college level coursework.

Program  Selection Guidelines:

Algebra 2/Geometry/Trigonometry - Students who are currently enrolled or have previously completed Algebra 2/Trigonometry would be academically prepared for this class.


The topics below are among the essential skills for this program. This is not a comprehensive list of all available skills and goals, but given to show the scope of the curriculum. Changes may occur year-to-year based on industry input, change in focus, or other factors. Please contact the program instructor or coordinator for additional information.

Programming for Games/Business Applications

Visual Studio (C# programming)
GML Programming

Creative tools for Web/Game Design

Adobe Photoshop
3D Animation (Studio Max)
Evan Wright