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Dual Credit Enrollment

Technology Center of DuPage currently offers college credit  to those who enroll in any of our 47 dual courses. Our current community college partnerships in dual credit classes are College of DuPage and Joliet Junior College. 

What is Dual Credit:

Dual credit is college credit that a student receives while attending Technology Center of DuPage.  There is no additional cost to students who earn dual credit through our community college partnerships.  
Successful completion of dual credit courses will result in a student receiving both high school and college credit for that course.  An official college id number and transcript will then be created for your student at that partnered community college.
Students sign up for dual credit in their program areas when they complete the dual credit form with TCD staff. This form is a community college approved document and will not require a parent signature. Technology Center of DuPage collects the forms and submits them to the partnered school for processing.

Are there Dual Credit Requirements?

Specific dual credit courses at Technology Center of DuPage require students to take reading, writing, and/or math placement tests to be offered dual credit opportunities. Below are the list of current courses that require placement testing.

College of DuPage Courses:

  • Auto Technology Year Two - AUTO 1140 & AUTO 1110  (Reading)
  • CIS - Programming and  Logic Technique - CIS 1400 (Math)
  • Cosmetology Phase One - COSMO 1101-1117 - (Reading)
  • Emergency Medical Technician - FIRE 2271 (Reading/Writing)
  • Medical Terminology & Healthcare Careers - HLTHS 1100 / HLTHS 1110 (Reading)
  • Nursing Assistant Training Program - NURSA 1105 (Reading)

Joliet Junior College Courses:

  • Professional Food Preparation - CA 112 ((Reading/Writing) 
  • Professional Food Preparation - CA 152 (Reading/Writing)
Students are not required to take a placement test for the required courses if they can present a SAT/ACT exempt score OR already placed a “Category One” on a placement test the previous year. PLEASE SEE PLACEMENT TEST TAB FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TEST TAKING RESOURCES.

Maintaining Dual Credit Status:

After your student enrolls to earn dual credit, if his/her coursework falls below the expected passing grade determined by the community college,  the TCD Instructor will recommend that the student be dropped from the course. During this time, a letter will be sent home to notify parent(s)/guardian(s) of the unearned college credit which is intended to protect students from college and academic probation. 
It is important to note that if a student is dropped from the dual credit portion of the class, it does not mean that they will be dropped from the TCD program area. The student is still eligible to earn high school credit through their TCD program.
Earned college credit may be applied toward an Associate Degree Program at the partner community college. If your son/daughter is interested in other postsecondary options, please refer to the iTransfer website at www.itransfer.org or contact the admissions office of the institution your student is interested in applying.
Current Dual Credit Partnerships & Information:
For more information about Technology Center of DuPage dual credit courses and partnerships, please contact Izzy Castillo, College and Career Pathway Specialist at [email protected] or at 630-691-7601