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College Credit

Technology Center of DuPage's Cosmetology courses allow Phase One and Phase Two students to earn up to 49* college credits with College of DuPage. Below is a current list of Cosmetology College of DuPage courses offered at Technology Center of DuPage.

TCD Program

COD Course Number

COD Course Name

Credit Hours

Cosmetology COSME 1101 Introduction to Cosmetology 3
Cosmetology COSME 1103 Chemical Services I 3
Cosmetology COSME 1105 Hair Styling I 3
Cosmetology COSME 1107 Thermal Styling I 3
Cosmetology COSME 1111 Hair Styling II 3
Cosmetology COSME 1113 Chemical Services II 3
Cosmetology COSME 1115 Salon Operations I 2
Cosmetology COSME 1117 Esthetics and Nail Technology I 3
Cosmetology COSME 2201 Hair Styling III 3
Cosmetology COSME 2203 Chemical Services III 3
Cosmetology COSME 2205 Esthetics and Nail Technology II 3
Cosmetology COSME 2207 Salon Safety and Sanitation 2
Cosmetology COSME 2221 Hair Styling IV 3
Cosmetology COSME 2223 Chemical Services IV 3
Cosmetology COSME 2225 Salon Operations II 2
Cosmetology COSME 2227 Thermal Styling II 2
Cosmetology COSME 2250 License Review 3
Cosmetology COSME 2253 Advance Chemical Services II 2

Students may sign up for dual credit in their program areas when they complete the dual credit form with TCD staff. This form is a College of DuPage approved document and will not require a parent signature. Technology Center of DuPage collects the forms and submits them to College of DuPage for processing.

Important Dual Credit Testing Information:

  • A college level or Category One score on NEXT GEN, an untimed computer-based reading exam, is required to earn dual credit with College of DuPage in Cosmetology.
      • Exemption from taking NEXT GEN  requires an SAT score of 950 or higher or an ACT composite score of 20 or higher.
      • If these scores have been met, the student DOES NOT need to take the NEXT GEN exam.
      • To be exempt from NEXT GEN, students must log into, print their SAT or ACT score and turn into their TCD instructor.
  • If the student takes the NEXT GEN, the student must receive a score of 246 or higher and place Category 1 to earn dual credit.

IMPORTANT: If your son/daughter has an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan and requires testing accommodations beyond extended time, parent(s)/guardian(s) should contact College of DuPage Accommodations Specialist, Rochelle Favale at 630-942-4260 to arrange for accommodations prior to testing. Students with accommodations need to test at a COD testing site to receive proper testing.